Friend Links

When we develop, we have received a lot of help from other groups, and we also established some long-terms relationship with our partners. Now here they come.

  1. Catalina Beauty Group

    When we try to introduce China to the rest of the world, they try to introduce world’s excellent brands into China. They do international trade and brand management. They focus on Makeups and Skincare Proudcts. If you are a overseas Makeups/Skincare brand, and are interested in the China’s Market, please contact Catalina Beauty Group

  2. Twin City Post

    Twin City Post, also well known as PiaoLiu HK, is a famous cross-border logistics service provider. They are well experienced on the Hong Kong and mainland China logistics. If you want to establish a Hong Kong/China warehouse or need logistic service, you can find them on Twin City Post.

  3. Catalina Financial Service

    Hong Kong is one of the most important financial center. It provide a lot of mature financial products to the world. Catalina Finance Service can help you know more about all the utility of the products and pick the most suitable ones. If you want to invest, please contact Catalina Finance Service.

  4. Catalina Information Technology Service

    This website is designed by them. If you think it’s good, and if you need IT Service, please contact Catalina Information Technology Service.

  5. More Friends

    You are warmly welcomed to establish a long-term relationship with us.